Coaching Programmes

What would it feel like to overcome your biggest challenge, resolve an ongoing issue or deal with the problem that’s holding you back? Whether you’re looking to make a change, commit to a decision or come to terms with a situation, my coaching approach is outcome-driven and helps you move forward with clarity and conviction. I use a combination of models to tackle your most pressing issue and give you the confidence to take control of other parts of your life too. Together we get to the core of the problem and explore your options for working through it. I give you encouragement, guidance and practical support as we take the best route for you to overcome the issue and towards a life you love. Throughout the programme, we also explore your limiting beliefs to reframe your thought process and alter your responses for sustainable change. You’ll be more resilient and less reactive in the face of future challenges – you’ll be in control.  And I’m with you for the journey. I’m your cheerleader, confidant and critical friend. I gently challenge you, keep you on track and bring a boost of motivation when you most need it. 

All programmes are delivered 1-2-1 either face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype and include: 

  • Initial 20-minute complimentary telephone consultation

  • Unlimited phone, text or email support between sessions

Short-term programme

Four 60-minute sessions designed to work through an immediate pressing issue. Sessions are usually delivered over a four to eight-week period.

         Price from £600

Medium-term programme

Eight 60-minute sessions designed to work through a period of change and focus on goals which will benefit from a more intensive programme. Sessions are usually spreadover three months.

       Price from £1200

Longer-term programme

Twelve 60-minute sessions to work through long-term or ongoing issues. Sessions are usually spreadover six months.

     Price from £1560

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