Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Guidance & Inspiration

Do you have feelings or fears that have no rhyme or reason? Do you feel held back by something you can’t explain? Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy can provide an explanation and, importantly, a solution to many problems which seemingly have no origin. Using hypnotherapy, we uncover past life events, unlock hidden memories, help you break free from the past or heal and move on. Throughout four sessions, you get a greater understanding of yourself by discovering your past life. Your appreciation of current events is deepened, and solutions become more clear. Together we address any issues that bubble to the surface and work through them using tailored coaching techniques. Where other therapies fail, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy often makes sense of the problem and unearths a sustainable solution. It’s safe, non-intrusive and you’re always in control. 

Type of sessions: 1-2-1

Number of sessions: Four 60-minute sessions

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