7 Day Relaxation Programme

Close your eyes, blank your mind and drop your shoulders – and breathe. How good does that feel? Day-to-day stressors soon mount up, and before we know it,we feel frazzled and anxious. It affects how we behave, we feel it in our bodies, andit impacts those around us. The 7-day relaxation programme eases your mind and relaxes your body and gives you a tailored toolkit so you can keep the feeling long after the programme has ended. I help you identify how different stressors affect your behaviour and give you the tools to adjust your response. Throughout the programme, you’re guided by an audio meditation, relaxation exercises and sleep hypnosis tools. You receive daily support from me, via email or text, created especially for you and tailored to your situation. Dailycheck-ins keep you on track, and the flexibility of the programme means you can work at your own pace, and when it suits you. 


Type of sessions: Downloadable guidance and tools designed to be flexible to your needs plus daily, personalised support via email or text.


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