Stop Smoking Breakthrough Session

Do you feel ready to take better care of yourself, for you as well as your loved ones?

Perhaps you’ve tried before to stop smoking, maybe with the help of patches or gum designed to curb your addiction. The physical addiction to nicotine passes after just three days of not smoking, but the psychological addiction lasts much longer and is often the primary reason many people don’t kick the habit.  The three-hour, intensive breakthrough session deals with the physical and psychological addiction so you can give up smoking for good – quickly and more easily. I use a powerful combination of Neuro-LinguisticProgramming (NLP), hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to destroy neurological pathways and re-programme your thought process. We identify your smoking triggers and quickly curb the cravings, and I give you the tools to manage withdrawal using bespoke coaching and NLP exercises. My technique enables you to overcome both types of addiction so you can finally give up smoking for good.

Type of sessions: 1-2-1

Number of sessions: One three-hour session 

Additional support: One-hour complimentary top-up session plus phone, text or email support during the six months following the breakthrough session.

Price: £295. Payable in full or in instalments 

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