Weight Loss Programme

What does losing weight mean to you?

Feeling your best every day…less pain…more energy and bags of confidence…doing more of the things you love…fewer health problems? The weight loss programme addresses the top two factors that cause many people to stall: Unsustainable motivation and poor choices. Using hypnotherapy and scripts tailored to your weight loss goals, we work at an unconscious level to reframe your thought process, so you make better decisions. Creating change in the unconscious mind means you stay focused and motivated, and you stick to your weight loss journey. You receive support between sessions and after the programme has ended too. I teach you coaching techniques, so you have a tailored toolkit to ‘top-up’ your motivation whenever you need a little extra support outside of the sessions. Downloadable hypnotherapy audio tracks keep you focussed at home too. Hypnotherapy is a proven therapy for more effective, quicker weight loss and alongside diet and exercise will help you achieve your goals. It’s safe, non-intrusive and you’re always in control. 

Type of sessions: 1-2-1 either face-to-face or via Zoom/Skype.

Number of sessions: Minimum of two

Additional support: Phone, text or email support between sessions

Price:  £130 per session. 10% discount on over 3 sessions. Payable in full or in instalments. 

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